Your Link to Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Resources

Welcome to FastTracker Info

Here you will find tips on how to search for Mental Health (MH) & Substance Use Disorders (SUD) services along with info for clinic Admins

How to Search for MH Services

1. Type in a Keyword (ie. Anxiety, Child Psychiatry, Spanish Speaking) or click on Services drop down menu to select a service

2. Enter the zip code where you are looking for services. All other information is optional, enter what you know or leave blank

3. If you are looking for an appointment right away, click the box next to "Require Immediate Availability"

4. Your results will be displayed with closest and most recently updated clinics at the top. Click on a clinic to view what services they offer and appointment availability

How to Search for SUD Services

(click pictures for larger image)

1. Services listed with "*" have openings TODAY

2. Residential = inpatient and Non-residential = outpatient

3.If you don't know if you need inpatient or out patient you can search by keyword like "Adolescent", "Alcohol Treatment", or "Assessment"

4. Search results will be listed with the closest and most up to date programs listed at the top. Clinic on a program to view what services they offer along with availability

Admin Tips

1. Bookmark the login page:

2. Allow your browser to save username and password

3. Sent calendar reminder to update FastTracker account. Every 2 weeks for MH and daily for SUD

Email to request a PowerPoint with step by step updating instructions
[email protected] or [email protected]

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